Manufacturing Process


WE own land over 25,000 sqm and the total area of the factory is 15,000 sqm. To fulfill a variety of wooden leisure furniture, there are series of wooden processing machinery including boarding cutting, drilling machine, etc.

Production Equipment List:

Heat compression forming machine* 15
Multi-function wooden machine* 5
High-speed drilling machine* 10
Cutting machine* 5
Standard packing line* 1

Production Process:

Step 1. Material procurement
Importing tons of superior larch where originated from Russia as material.

Step 2. Drying
Bundles of timber will have to be sent to a specific oven for drying before production. It takes 3-5 days under 50-90 degrees generally. Overall moisture content has to be less than 14%.

Step 3. Cutting
Dried timber is then split into a specific dimension with a cutting machine.

Step 4. Gluing & forming
Pieces of the wood board will be applied glue and sent to a heat compression machine for shape forming over hours.
Laminated boards are formed out of different shapes of molding depend on dimension, function, etc. Such as hammock stand, swing hammock stand, lounge chair, etc.
In General, we use 4 layers of 1.5cm wooden board for a 3.2m hammock stand. The total thickness of the hammock stand will be 6*6 cm.

Step 5. Drilling
We will drill holes that were reserved for bolts and screws of connection.

Step 6. Repairing
The laminated wooden stick will be repaired and polished entirely. The uneven surface of the semi-product will be proceeded until smooth and even.

Step 7. Coating
We will paint throughout wooden stick twice with wood oil as a finish.

Step 8. Quality Control
Production employees and supervisors will execute the final inspection of product quality entirely.

Step 9. Packing
Products will be laid into exporting cartons and sealed carefully set by set.

Step 10. Shipping
Normally bulk orders will be loaded in containers and shipped via sea. Shipping methods and details could be adjustable based on the actual situation accordingly.


Exceptional quality wooden furniture comes from a complicated process.