Inquiry Process


1. Outdoor Furniture Specification Consultation

After receiving the customer's inquiry, we will have professionals evaluate the need to provide customized product services and provide the best solution.

2. Provide Outdoor Furniture Quotation

After communication and discussion, WOODEVER will provide customers with a formal quotation, including detailed product descriptions, size specifications, material colors, and related certifications.

3. Sample Production And Delivery

We will provide suitable samples to meet customer expectations of customized outdoor furniture, and all item details will be delivered immediately after confirmation.

4. Formally Place An Order

Confirm all product details. After the customer is satisfied with the sample, the order will be formally placed, and the purchase and production of raw materials will be arranged after the final confirmation.

5. Quality Inspection

We will have professional management personnel to conduct regular inspections, including materials, colors or specifications, etc., to ensure the stable quality of the products so that customers can use them with peace of mind.

6. Finished Product Transportation

After the outdoor furniture is completed, the average delivery period is 50-65 days under normal circumstances, and it is increased or decreased according to the order quantity and customized content; and the entire container is transported by sea, and the detailed shipping method and details can be adjusted according to the situation.

7. After-Sales Service

WOODEVER is looking for quality service customers, avoiding spare parts or damage, and will provide after-sales reissue service. If you encounter any problems in the production process, please contact us for consultation, and there will be professional personnel to help you solve the problem.