Quality policy


1. Raw material
Full range of wooden outdoor furniture is made from Larch, Russia originated species. The specific larch features solid texture, high density and strong strength. This allows Larch to be an applicable material for outdoor leisure furniture. Furthermore, imported Larch is higher class selected.

2. Availability of lamination
There are total 15 heat compression machine in order to fulfill massive volume of laminated wooden boards. We concentrate on processing of wood lamination from gluing, every detail of lamination process will be crucial factors of consequence. Normally, we will eliminate incomplete
adhesive board to ensure entire quality of products.

3. Critical flaw of surface
If there is any critical flaw on laminated wood such as broken, crack or obvious defect, we will regard those as inferior and will not use.

4. Dimension
Finished product will be measured overall dimension to check the correctness. To confirm quality further, we will assembly hammock stand, hammock chair and others to check stability and availability.


Internal final inspection before shipment.