Swing Chair Stand

Product Characteristics

The wooden swing chair stands are made of Russian larch wood, which contains a large amount of resin to form a natural protective layer. The layer makes the stand waterproof and adaptable to various outdoor weather conditions. The larch wood is an ideal wood for outdoor furniture and is suitable for use in gardens, patios, poolside, and other outdoor areas. In addition, the long fibers of larch wood make the wood tougher, not easy to break, and the capacity is better.

The wooden swing chair stands are made of laminated wood, using water-based glue to bond the boards together, forming a thick strip of wood. The lamination makes the wood strips tough and easy to shape with pressure. At last, the surface of the wood is painted with a clear lacquer to protect the wood from air and moisture to prevent decay or breakage. We use non-toxic transparent lacquer, which is not harmful to the human body and can be used safely. We suggested applying the lacquer once every two years to keep the timber in the best condition.


The base of our wooden swing chair stands are placed on both sides, so the structure is stable and will not shake. The top hanging place uses an iron hook and loop to hang the chair. The iron loop is sturdy and safe. The load of the chair frame can all reach 120 kg (264 pounds). The hanging chair frame brings out the plasticity of larch wood. Adopting a streamlined curved design and softening the overall lines of the space create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. For use in the garden and hotel landscaping, WOODEVER designed two wooden frames for freely replaceable seats to match your space planning, referring to models SCS01 and SCS04. Especially model SCS04 is a distinctive modern style chair stand, adding a different style of layout. For personal outdoor patio and pool placement, the curved design of the surface allows the back of the chair to fit your back, making it more comfortable to lean ergonomically, referring to models SCS02 and SCS03. We provide customized service, with the option of adding a sunshade to the hanging chair frame when facing the harsh sunlight from outdoors. You can also add brand logos on the hanging chair stand or modify the size and color of the product.

Certification and Services

WOODEVER is an FSC-certified manufacturing factory that uses larch wood from legal forests. We are going to reduce the damage to nature and achieve the business vision of environmental protection. In addition, the Russian larch we use is not listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), allowing the species to continue, providing complete ecological protection, and achieving comprehensive sustainable management. WOODEVER is committed to providing customers with a full range of quality outdoor furniture. We offer sourcing services for hanging chair stand accessories and help customize hanging chairs and chair cushions to meet your requirements.

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