Outdoor Hammock Stand


WOODEVER’s garden swing hammock stand is always the best seller among global customer from different business model. We use premium larch to engineer hammock stand entirely. Arch is simple but the most beautiful design of wooden hammock stand. It is extra sturdy which enable to load at least 200 kg.

Every single hammock is consisted with laminated wooden cubic bars. Wooden cubic bar comes from slice of wood panel, stacking, compressing and forming in specific compression machine. Each steps require certain hours without simplified procedure. However, it can be the way to craft qualified larch wood garden hammock stand.

Normally, wooden hammock stand are mainly 3 sizes as 3.2, 3.5 and 4.1 in length and same width. We ensure security and safety when users operate hammock stand properly under the manual instruction.



We manufacture a variety of larch wooden outdoor leisure products over decades. Learn more information as regard to full range manufacturing details, such as wooden swing bed, lounge chair. Please send us inquiry if you have a request.