How to perform loading test of larch wood outdoor furniture?


We have engaged in furniture industry near 20 years, develop modern, fancy design and most importantly durable and robust structure is the only way of product security. Each single model of wooden outdoor furniture will be tested entirely including stand loading test, impact test to inspect strength and durability. Basically, there are two criteria of stand test. One is gaining weight on product gradually until exterior bending or split occurred. This could help to figure out the maximum loading of specific model which we present to customer.

As to fatigue test we implement will be placed a certain loading objects on the product for 24 hours. It makes further conclusion of durability and product configuration. Meantime, we also have impact (dropping) test to simulate a sudden impact of people sits on hammock, hammock chairs, hanging bed, etc.

Normally, we practice the test by dropping approximate 20-30 kg objects from height of 30-50 cm for 10 times repeatedly. Test passed If product remains excellent without damage. Also, it is available if customer request formal test by third party such as SGS laboratory for more credible approval.