Weatherproof Double Larch Wooden Garden Swing With Canopy (Loading 240KG)

• Material: Larch Wood
• Size: 215*130*200 cm
• Capacity: 240 kg
• Color: Original wooden color

• Larch wood swing with wooden sunshade, maximum capacity is about 240kgs
• We accept partly customization on plastic parts colorway and packaging if customer’s order volume meets required quantity.

Product Description


The biggest feature of double anti-corrosion cozy wooden swing is completely using larch wood including the top of sunshade. Keep the original of wood grain and color, for outside coating, we painted twice of special coating, there has anti-corrosion function to save the wooden swing longer.

Size of the wooden swing is 215*130*200 cm, for each item we designed the different package to packed of disassembly wood in minimum volume, to reduce the space of container.

Basically, we packed each product for unit carton, if customer has further request, we also offer the customized service, according to the requirement from customer to designed customized package.


  • Sustainable and heavy-duty loading
  • Suitable in garden, patio, and poolside…etc.
  • Multiple people seats
  • Waterproof
  • All weather available
  • Solid Russian Larch wood used
  • FSC certificate
  • Unique design
  • Compact packaging design
  • Trusted corporate reputation


  Material   Larch Wood
  Size   215*130*200 cm
  Packing size   195*36*18/ 136*52*13/ 195*38*6 cm
  Color   Original wooden color
  Capacity   240 kg
  Certificate   FSC


Hotel & Resort Garden Pool side Patio Backyard



Larch wood swing with wooden sunshade, maximum capacity is about 240kgs.