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What surface treatment capabilities do you have for metal products?

What surface treatment capabilities do you have for metal products?

WOODEVER deeply understands the critical importance of rust-resistant surface treatments for outdoor metal furniture, especially for B2B manufacturers. We are committed to meeting our customers' high standards and long-term expectations for outdoor furniture, with that commitment as our foundation. In pursuit of this goal, we offer a variety of surface treatment options for metal furniture frames, including Acid Etching and Phosphating, Sandblasting, Electrostatic Coating, Electroplating, Galvanization, and Powder Coating. If customers have additional surface treatment requirements, we will go to great lengths to ensure that our metal products maintain high quality in various outdoor environments. Below are the surface treatment options we provide, along with their respective features and advantages:

  • Acid Etching and Phosphating Treatment: Acid etching and phosphating treatment involves immersing the metal support in a specific acidic solution to remove oxides, dirt, and impurities. After rinsing, the metal support is then immersed in a phosphating solution to form a uniform and durable phosphating layer on the surface. It offers the following advantages:

- Effectively removes oxides, dirt, and impurities from the surface of the metal support.

- Enhances the adhesion of the metal support's surface, providing a better foundation for subsequent coatings.

- Smoothes the metal surface, ensuring the appearance and texture of the metal support.

- Suitable for complex-shaped metal components.

- An environmentally friendly treatment method that does not involve harmful chemicals, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reducing environmental and health risks.

  • Sandblasting: Sandblasting is a mechanical surface treatment method that uses high-pressure air to propel sand grains or other abrasive particles onto the surface of metal supports, creating a uniform texture. It offers the following advantages:

- Effectively removes oxidation, rust, dirt, and other impurities from the metal surface.

- Provides better adhesion for subsequent surface treatments, such as coatings or plating.

- Enhances the corrosion resistance of metal supports, extending their lifespan.

- Achieves different surface texture and appearance levels, allowing metal supports to have various looks, including rough or smooth, matte or glossy, to meet design requirements and increase aesthetic diversity.

- Cost-effective surface treatment.

- The sand grains used can be recycled and reused, reducing energy waste and not involving harmful chemicals or solvents, thus lowering the risk of environmental pollution.

  • Powder Coating: We utilize high-quality powder coatings for steel furniture, applying them through heating to melt and bond with the metal, resulting in a uniform and durable coating. It offers the following advantages:

- Forms a uniform and visually appealing coating, providing a wide range of color and finish options.

- Effectively protects steel materials from corrosion, scratches, and daily wear and tear.

- Possesses UV resistance and anti-oxidation properties, ensuring that products maintain their aesthetics and quality even after prolonged use.

- Customizable furniture appearances to meet customer design requirements.

  • Galvanization: Galvanization creates a protective zinc layer that forms a physical barrier on the surface of the metal supports, effectively preventing corrosive substances from water and air from entering the metal support structure. It offers the following advantages:

- Outstanding corrosion resistance; zinc is more prone to oxidation than the metal on the support, it will oxidize in place of the support, protecting it.

- Ability to self-repair when the galvanized surface is scratched or damaged.

- Suitable for metal components exposed to outdoor environments.

  • Electroplating: Electroplating is a process that uniformly deposits a metal layer (such as copper, nickel, chromium, etc.) onto the surface of the metal through electrochemical means. It offers the following advantages:

- Forms a protective layer that effectively blocks corrosive substances from water and air from entering the interior of the metal supports.

- Extends the product's lifespan, especially suitable for humid or rainy regions.

- Possesses self-healing capabilities, capable of self-repairing surface scratches, further protecting the steel from corrosion.

  • Electrostatic Coating: Electrostatic coating is an electrostatic painting process that forms a uniform and continuous coating on the metal surface, reducing the likelihood of missed spots or drips. It offers the following advantages:

- Precise coating control, including thickness and quality control.

- Provides a variety of coating options, including different colors, gloss levels, and textures.

- Enables quick painting and curing, reducing production time and costs.

- Smooth surface that is less prone to dust and dirt adhesion, making metal brackets easy to clean and maintain.

- Suitable for complex shapes and internal structures of metal components.

WOODEVER, a professional outdoor metal furniture factory, offers a range of surface treatment options designed to provide multiple solutions to meet diverse environmental and business customer needs, ensuring that your outdoor metal furniture performs exceptionally and is highly durable. Whether you require acid etching and phosphating treatment, sandblasting, galvanization, powder coating, electrostatic coating, electroplating, or any other metal surface treatment method, we are committed to providing you with a high-quality surface treatment solution that suits your needs.

What surface treatment capabilities do you have for metal products? | Elegant Swing Seats: Transform Your Garden into a Serene Escape | WOODEVER

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