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How is the weight capacity of the furniture tested?

How is the weight capacity of the furniture tested?

Testing the weight capacity of outdoor leisure furniture is an essential step in ensuring its safety and durability. WOODEVER, to guarantee user safety, follows a rigorous load testing process. Different types of outdoor leisure furniture may require different testing methods and standards. We employ the following tests:

Static Load Testing: This is a standard testing method where static weight is applied to the furniture to test its ability to withstand a predetermined multiple of the expected design load. The test is conducted for 24 hours, observing whether the furniture remains stable and free from deformation or damage under the expected load.

Dynamic Load Testing: This testing method simulates the dynamic loads that outdoor leisure furniture may experience during actual use, such as the load when people sit down, stand up, or move. By simulating these actions, the test evaluates whether the furniture's structure and connection components can withstand and adapt to these loads while maintaining stability and safety.

Material Testing: Material testing for outdoor furniture is also a crucial part of ensuring its weight capacity. The materials used should possess sufficient strength and durability to withstand daily use and adverse weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, and temperature changes. Standard material tests include durability testing, weather resistance testing, and corrosion resistance testing.

Shake Test: Simulated manual manipulation is employed to replicate the swaying and vibrating conditions experienced by a hammock during usage. This procedure aims to ascertain the stability and durability of the hammock frame under varying directions and magnitudes of stress. It ensures that the frame can withstand real-world swaying during practical use while maintaining steadiness and robustness.

Destructive Test: In order to assess the durability and strength of the furniture frame, we subject it to sudden or excessive forces to test its endurance. This may involve applying heavy weights, abrupt suspension, or impacts, among other actions, to simulate loading scenarios under unexpected circumstances.

How is the weight capacity of the furniture tested? | Elegant Swing Seats: Transform Your Garden into a Serene Escape | WOODEVER

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