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Three-Point Sustainable Hammock Stand With Weatherproof Polyester Fabric - Half arc three point design wooden bracket hammock
  • Three-Point Sustainable Hammock Stand With Weatherproof Polyester Fabric - Half arc three point design wooden bracket hammock

Three-Point Sustainable Hammock Stand With Weatherproof Polyester Fabric


Resort-style double arched heavy-duty FSC-certified wooden hammock stand with adjustable hammock wholesale manufacturer

WOODEVER Leisure Furniture E-commerce Wholesale Factory introduces this sustainable FSC-certified solid wood hammock stand with weather-resistant polyester fabric (310 cm long). The three-point structure design of the stand not only provides a more stable suspension for the hammock but also distributes the weight evenly across the bed, creating an ultimate comfort experience with no pressure points. The curved stand utilizes professional laminated veneer lumber (LVL) technology, carefully crafted to ensure robustness and durability. It imparts a smooth and graceful curve to the structure, making the overall appearance more captivating. Additionally, the frame is coated with a clear, non-toxic wood wax oil that has SGS certification. This finish effectively protects the wood surface, making it more durable and weather-resistant, easily withstanding various outdoor conditions.

WOODEVER's furniture factory boasts professional manufacturing capabilities, offering B2B clients a one-stop solution for hammock furniture. This means that customers can benefit from efficient standard production while also having the option for customization or OEM orders based on their unique needs. Whether you are a garden furniture wholesaler, a designer furniture brand, a furniture retailer, a resort furniture distributor, or a beachfront hotel outdoor furniture contractor, we can provide flexible furniture solutions. This includes large-scale custom orders or personalized OEM requirements, giving you a competitive edge.

Product Quality and Durability

Our hammock stands are crafted from wood sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, ensuring sustainable development in ecological environments. This not only reflects our environmental responsibility but also aligns with the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products. The hammock fabric is made of high-quality polyester fiber, known for its lightweight, soft, wind-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-clean properties. Suitable for prolonged outdoor use, customers can confidently enjoy leisure time without worrying about premature fabric wear.

The wood used in WOODEVER Hammock's solid wood stands, along with the adhesives and coatings, has received SGS certification. This guarantees that our products do not release harmful substances during usage, complying with international safety standards and offering customers a safer and more reliable choice. The double-sized leisure hammock can support up to 200 kilograms, having undergone rigorous load capacity testing in our factory. This ensures excellent stability and safety during actual use, providing customers with a superior user experience.

Our hammock stand boasts a captivating curved structure, not only enhancing the stability of the stand but also endowing the overall appearance with smoother and more elegant curves. The stand features an advanced three-point suspension structure design, innovatively providing greater stability to the hammock. Simultaneously, the distributed weight of the bed reduces pressure points, effectively minimizing swinging, easing the user's physical strain, and offering a more stable user experience. Our hammocks not only exhibit outstanding structural design but also come equipped with the ability to adjust the suspension height according to customer preferences. This flexibility allows the hammock to adapt to various usage scenarios, meeting diverse customer needs and enhancing the practical value of the hammock.

Customization Options

The hammock series from WOODEVER Outdoor Furniture Factory offers a variety of styles and designs to meet different customer needs. With our advanced processing technology and equipment, we provide highly flexible customization options for hammock design. From frame materials to fabric choices, we offer diverse options, allowing you to freely select based on your brand image and environmental requirements. Whether it's size adjustments or brand logo printing, our customization services ensure that the hammock aligns with your brand while meeting the needs for durability, functionality, and comfort.

We can also adjust the hammock design according to the functional needs of different application scenarios, such as adding a canopy, extra storage pockets, or adjusting the seating angle to enhance user comfort and convenience. Whether you are a hotel chain furniture supplier, furniture wholesale contractor, or an online platform furniture wholesaler, we can provide the perfect custom hammock solutions to help you create a unique outdoor space.

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Supply Chain Stability and Operational Efficiency

We employ large-scale production and precise cost management strategies to ensure that our products are not only of guaranteed quality but also offer the highest cost-effectiveness. Our robust production and supply chain management system ensures timely delivery of all orders, allowing you to confidently plan inventory and sales strategies, thereby reducing operational risks. Our factory is BSCI certified, demonstrating our compliance with social responsibility standards and our ability to continually improve, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, we possess professional procurement capabilities, with over 15 years of extensive procurement experience and a wide network of suppliers. This enables us to quickly source high-quality materials that meet your requirements, ensuring the stability of product quality. Through bulk procurement and meticulous cost management, we can obtain materials at the most competitive prices, helping you reduce production costs and increase profit margins. All purchased materials undergo strict quality inspections to ensure compliance with international standards, providing the best quality assurance for your products.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

We prioritize the environmental and health safety aspects of our products. This sustainable furniture swing bed frame is crafted from wood sourced from FSC-certified forests, ensuring the sustainability of its origins. All wooden furniture pieces utilize modified urea-formaldehyde adhesives and are coated with wood protection varnishes and paints certified by international SGS standards. Our material choices emphasize environmental sustainability, coupled with efforts to minimize our environmental footprint during production. Rigorous testing confirms that our eco-friendly swing bed wooden frames emit extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meeting environmental standards. Additionally, the formaldehyde content in our products falls within safe limits for human exposure, alleviating consumer concerns regarding wooden product safety. We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet environmental standards, ensuring user health and safety.

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  • Material: Solid wood
  • Size: L310xW120xH130cm
  • Package size: 193x36x18cm
  • Weight capacity: 200kg
  • Color: original wood (can be customized)
  • Assemble the product

WOODEVER hammock specifications and parts

Minimum Order Quantity

1. We understand that every customer has unique product requirements and therefore minimum order quantities may vary from product to product, to ensure that we can fully meet your needs, please contact us directly for more detailed information on the products you require, this includes more information on export trade related quotations that you may require, as well as a complete bespoke solution for your furniture.

2. If you need a small adjustment or full customization service, please refer to the OEM Area for more details or write to us directly for more information, we will have professional staff to serve you immediately!

Buyer's Purchase Advantage
  • Furniture Wholesale Supplier---- We provide large-scale production of outdoor solid wood hammocks, ensuring a stable supply to meet your wholesale needs. Whether it’s a large order or a small batch, we guarantee timely delivery, making your inventory management more efficient.
  • Bulk Furniture Purchase for Retail---- Our outdoor solid wood hammocks are beautifully designed and structurally robust, making them ideal for bulk purchases in the retail market. They meet European and American quality standards, offering a high-value product that can attract more customers to your retail business.
  • E-commerce Furniture Supplier---- We support bulk furniture orders for e-commerce or digital platforms, offering fast production and delivery services to ensure a stable supply for your online sales channels. Our outdoor solid wood hammocks are easy to package and transport, making them suitable for e-commerce sales models.
  • Furniture Wholesale Distributor---- As a furniture wholesale distributor, we provide a stable and high-quality product supply to ensure your distribution network operates smoothly. Our outdoor solid wood hammocks feature classic designs that are popular in the market, helping to boost your sales performance.
  • Hotel Chain Furniture Supplier---- Our outdoor solid wood hammocks are specifically designed for hotel chains, offering durability and easy maintenance. With a professional design team, we provide innovative and practical outdoor solid wood hammock designs. Our products meet the high-end design furniture needs of beach resorts and urban hotels, offering your clients a comfortable outdoor leisure experience.
  • Beach Resort Outdoor Furniture Supplier---- Our outdoor solid wood hammocks are particularly suitable for beach resorts, being corrosion and salt spray resistant for long-term use in coastal environments. We guarantee a stable product supply through our large-scale production capabilities, meeting your wholesale order needs.
  • Cafe and Bar Furniture Manufacturer---- Our outdoor solid wood hammocks are also ideal for cafes and bars, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that encourages customers to linger longer, enhancing your business's profitability.
  • Made of solid wood.
  • For two people.
  • Three-point anchor hammock set.
  • Tough metal lanyard.
  • Woven composite fabric hammock.
  • Wooden support FSC certified.
  • SGS qualified glue for wood strips.
  • Durable and insect resistant hammock frame.
  • OEM customization service.
  • Laminated plywood wood strip technology.
  • Product is coated with non-toxic wood protection paint.
  • Compact packaging design.
  • All-weather use.

WOODEVER outdoor furniture features

  • Durability:

We use solid wood to make furniture, with naturally rich resin to protect the furniture from insects, and good quality can be stable against different outdoor weather changes, outstanding processing technology increases the protection of the product, not easily damaged, cracked, or rotten conditions.

  • Security:

All furniture structures and load-bearing weights are professionally tested to ensure safe and stable use. The furniture wooden brackets use laminated plywood technology to strengthen the overall structural strength and use safe, non-toxic, and SGS-certified transparent glue and varnish to meet the standard formaldehyde usage to protect human health.

  • Low Maintenance:

For good quality wood, only simple wipe maintenance is needed to maintain the durability of the furniture, and it will not be like the metal material outdoors for a long time with rust or paint problems, if you want to keep wood furniture in the best condition, only once in a while for it to carry out a major maintenance action, detailed tips can refer to WOODEVER wood products maintenance article.

  • OEM-Customized:

We provide semi-custom and OEM services, which allow customers to make minor adjustments to existing styles, such as logo printing, color or material changes, size adjustments, etc. We also provide other OEM production technology to make specialized wooden outdoor furniture according to your needs.

  • Environmentality:

All woods have passed the FSC international certification test, and are legally cut down to cultivated forests and replanted with trees to reduce the damage to the forest ecology and to uphold the concept of sustainable management and development to do our part for the earth.

Industrial Application

WOODEVER hammock industry application

  • National Garden - a wooden hammock placed in the National Garden to provide visitors with a different visitation experience.
  • Municipal Government/Municipal Unit -used for events held by municipalities or as a public facility. Examples: parks, outdoor expositions, etc.
  • Hotels and Resorts-hammocks are suitable for outdoor venues and are ideal for hotels and resorts, adding to the leisure atmosphere.
  • Private sports club-applied to private sports grounds, to increase the rest of the equipment after exercise.
  • Design studios-design studios include the architectural design or horticultural design.

OEM Furniture Service

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What materials are used in furniture production?

Currently, our outdoor leisure furniture is primarily made from natural solid wood. We are committed to developing various materials, including metal and steel,...

How is the weight capacity of the furniture tested?

Testing the weight capacity of outdoor leisure furniture is an essential step in ensuring its safety and durability. WOODEVER, to guarantee user safety,...

Do you provide product certification and testing services?

In today's highly competitive furniture market, customers have higher and higher demands on product quality and safety. WOODEVER outdoor furniture manufacturer...

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Three-Point Sustainable Hammock Stand With Weatherproof Polyester Fabric | Explore Durable and Stylish Wooden Swing Chairs for Your Garden

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WOODEVER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality wooden outdoor furniture, including hammocks, swing seats, swing beds, lounge chairs, and gazebos. With over 15 years of experience, WOODEVER combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to produce durable, stylish, and eco-friendly products. Committed to exceptional service, they provide comprehensive support from design consultation to after-sales service, ensuring customer satisfaction and product excellence. Their global export reach and sustainable practices make them a trusted name in outdoor furniture manufacturing.

WOODEVER has been offering FSC Certified Wooden Hammocks and Stands to their customers. With advanced technology and over 35 years of experience, WOODEVER ensures each client's needs are met.